WES Family and Community Survey
Dear Community Members,
The following survey is designed to obtain your valuable input on family and community involvement within the Whitefield School community. Your input will help the Schoolwide Title I Committee focus on what we need to work on in the future and celebrate what is working effectively.

We thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and look forward to seeing your feedback.

What school activities are you involved in?
What community activities are you involved in?
How often do you see staff and students involved in community activities? Which activities?
Your answer
Do you feel comfortable communicating with your child's teacher? Why or why not?
Your answer
When you need to communicate with the school, how accessible is your child's teacher or other staff at WES?
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How often do you communicate with your child's teacher(s)?
How approachable is WES? (1=Not Approachable 5= Very Approachable)
Do you feel that parents are involved in decision-making situations at the school? If so, how have you been involved?
Your answer
Do you utilize health or human services through the school? (ex. Molar Express) If so, which services?
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Overall, how would you describe your view of WES?
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