Virginia Summer Open
This form is intended to determine what events will be played at the 8/5-6 Virginia Summer Open (location TBD at the University of Virginia).
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Please rank up to your top 7 choices for side events to either play or staff for the weekend. *
Note: please select events you wish to play DURING THE DAY. Side events not selected might be played in a shoot-out form on either night.
The Modern Age (lit, art)
XENOPHON (lit, hist)
NASAT (if not run as a full mirror; academic)
Naveed Bork (also at CO, academic)
Thought Monstrosity (thought)
OCTAVIAN (classics)
There Will Be Stock Clues (food)
TRICON 5 (trash)
It's Lit (also at CO, lit)
Jordaens Visual Art (also at CO, art)
Super ACRONYM (trash)
The Celebs Are At It Again (trash)
Chuck Berry (rock music)
Geography Monstrosity (at HSNCT, geo)
Math Monstrosity (at HSNCT and PACE, math)
FTP 2 (trash)
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