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We will be closing this form at 2pm 08/03. After this time you can make yourself known to an SU Officer or at the SU Info Centre and if there is room on the bus we will add you! Thanks.
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International Women's Day March - Votes for Repeal 2018: Thursday March 8th, 2018

Please join us as we make our voices heard at the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment's 'Vote For Repeal'. We have a limited number of free places (first come- first served) available on a private return bus leaving from the SU. Please fill in your details below to confirm your spot. We may call or email you if there is any change in plans.

The bus will leave from the SU at 3pm, after our campaign launch, returning to the SU after the event. We anticipate returning in Maynooth at approx 8.30pm.

About MSU and the 8th amendment:

The 8th amendment in its current form was passed in 1983, this was long before most of our current students were born. Students are among the most affected by the 8th amendment and among the least likely to be able to cope with it.

Students bare this burden on a daily basis, or resort to illegal measures to procure an abortion. This can lead to 14 years in prison under current Irish law and potential serious long term health effects, however for many this is the only viable option. At MSU we envision a modern health care system that is accessible for students.

The 8th amendment is an outdated law that was informed by the social context in which it was created. It does not reflect the opinion of the Irish people of today. This constitutional amendment reflects an Ireland in 1983 where divorce was not only not heard of but prohibited, an Ireland in which homosexuality was criminalised and where women made up less than 7% of our government.

This is not the Ireland that our students would feel part of. The Irish Constitution is the most fundamental law of our country. It is supposed to guarantee fundamental rights of our people and should reflect the identity of our nation and bring us together in shared values.

Just as it was the right of the people in 1983 to vote on whether to put the 8th amendment into the constitution, it is the right of the people now to vote on whether to take it out.

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