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We provide 5 Star Massages that straight to your location.

Mobile Massage Rates from $125/ 60 minute and $165/ 90 minute
Hotel Rates from $150/ 60 minute and $200/90 minute
Weekend/ Holiday Rates from $150/60 minute and $185/ 90 minute

*Weekend rates begin on Friday at 6pm-Sunday at 9pm

* Rates may increase depending upon type of massage and parking fees
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Mobile Massage (From $125/ 60 min and $165/90 min)
Our licensed and insured Wellness Providers have high end standards to meet your professional massage needs. Please note: pricing may increase depending upon location, parking, or tolls. We are taking all the precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. All wellness providers will be wearing masks and all equipment will be sanitized prior to  your appointment.
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If you are having trouble with this form or have questions or concerns, please call us at: 888-540-1165
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