Civic Engagement Mapping Questionnaire
Name of the course/ research/ project *
If a course, please enter current or proposed course title, e.g. "POLS 19: Democratic Theory and Practice" "‚ÄčECON 032/ENGR 057: Operations Research" etc. If research, your choice of short descriptions, e.g. "Gun violence database," "Community mural mapping," etc. If an ongoing project, your choice of descriptive names, e.g. "Urban inequality initiative," "Arts and social change," "Community food provision," etc.
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Description of the course/ research/ project *
Please provide a brief description of this course/ research/ project, as short as you'd like while conveying the essential goal(s).
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Community Partner(s) *
Are you working with any community partner(s)? These could range from nonprofit organizations to government agencies to schools, as well as private individuals who serve as community leaders. Please provide a website URL if available, and/or contact information. Please write 'NA' if not applicable.
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Location/Orientation of your course/research/project. *
Please list the geographical area toward which your course/ research/ project is oriented, or where your community partner resides, e.g. Chester, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Dublin, Ireland; etc.
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What is the issue area you are targeting? *
Please check all that apply.
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Faculty collaborator(s)? *
Input NA if not applicable.
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