Co-creating Minnesota’s Community Equity Action Map: Please share your stories!
The Minnesota Equity Blueprint - Thriving by Design Network – Rural & Urban Together team is collecting and mapping community-based equity initiatives/action stories across our state this fall & winter. Share your stories to get your equity actions on the map!

Your stories (collected via the survey below) will together with others build a comprehensive and interactive equity action map that spotlights and shares the know-how on the ever-growing equity action initiatives in Minnesota. The map can also help foster an exchange of ideas and resources that are both location and category based.

We would love to hear about your wins, setbacks and lessons learned in doing the work of building equitable, inclusive, and welcoming economic and community ecosystems. Please respond as you can to the questions below and fill in as much detail as you would like, no matter if you are just beginning or further down the road.

The more we all share our experiences honestly, the more tools and connections we can collect and disseminate to inspire others to challenge and dismantle racism, hate, and fear-mongering. Together, we can create a Minnesota Where Equity is Our North Star and Everyone Belongs!

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