CS PhD Salary information
Collating data about PhD salaries. Informatics, communications, and related fields also welcomed to respond!

This survey is specifically for PhD programs that were 100% in-person prior to the pandemic.

This survey is for information-gathering purposes only. The raw data will only be viewed by the survey author. Some aggregated information may be shared, such as average salary normalized to a particular location. Since salary and location do not provide a complete picture of the financial burdens faced by graduate students, we do ask about more detailed information about benefits such as subsidization of transportation, food, healthcare, and childcare.

This survey is being run through a Google doc, with results exported to a Google sheet, and kept in the personal Google account of the survey author. If you have privacy concerns about this, you may request a form that you can mail to phd-salaries@protonmail.com.

This survey is *not* part of an academic study, and the results will not be published. Therefore, it has not undergone IRB approval. The survey author bears sole responsibility for this survey. All participation is voluntary. If the author participates in a more formal study of this matter, they will not use any of the responses here.

For more information, contact Emma Tosch (etosch@fastmail.fm) or phd-salaries@protonmail.com
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