Mapping Road Danger - Submit Report/Article
This form is to gather:
- Road collision reports from the press and blogs
- Information on campaigns to highlight known danger spots

This data will mapped to help road safety campaigners get better information on a location's accident history and local campaigning.

Date of Incident *
Please provide the date of the incident, or the date of the campaigning if it doesn't relate to any specific incident(s).
Please find the location using this link and copy the Latitude and Longitude in to the boxes below.

When you click on the map the Latitude and Longitude are displayed in the box bottom left.

Latitude *
Please copy all of the digits - for instance "51.773789"
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Longitude *
Please copy all of the digits including the minus sign (if there is one) - for instance "-1.977539"
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Link to details *
Please provide links a link to a report with details of the incident (articles, blog posts or other information)
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