Quarry Books Proposal Form
Your answers to the questions below will be helpful in assessing the viability of your book proposal. Please be as thorough as possible and answer as many questions as possible. If you're not sure of something, feel free to ask.

By submitting to The Quarto Group, you acknowledge that we may currently be developing, or may plan to develop in the future, books based on similar internal ideas and/or based on previous submissions already in receipt that may be similar to your proposed idea or anything included in your submission.

You may also submit your proposal in any format you choose by emailing us directly. If doing so, please make sure your document is editable, and thoroughly addresses the questions below.

Questions? Email jonathan.simcosky@quarto.com.

Author name
Preferred email
Proposed title and subtitle
Short Description - A couple sentences describing what the book is about and who it is for (~25 words).
Why now? Outline research and trends describing growing interest in the proposed subject. Try to provide as much quantitative data as possible. Graphs are really helpful.
About the Author - Outline your expertise, social media presence, scale of business (if applicable), teaching schedule, and any other distinguishing characteristics. Include awards, recognitions, achievements, affiliations, and media, but not personal information or preferences. Do you have a newsletter? How many subscribers? What’s your open rate? What sort of traffic does your website get? (~150 words).
Marketing opportunities - How do you imagine integrating the book into the rest of the work you're doing? What opportunities do you see for connecting with your intended reader?
Competition - Identify at least three other books that have a similar appeal and describe how your proposed book is new, different, better and/or fits a gap in the market. (Tip: Read online reviews to learn directly from readers what's missing or needed.)
Editorial Overview - Using as much detail as you can, describe the book, incorporating the strongest reasons why a consumer should buy it. Offer specific examples of content. Clarify the book's value/promise. Write as if you're flipping through the finished book.
Table of Contents - Give us a sense of the range of material to be covered and how it might be organized.
Art - If you have a particular vision for how the book should look or you anticipate featuring your own photography or art work please provide examples for style and content.
Anything else we should know?
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