GMK Perestroika - giveaway
For all the support of GMK Perestroika, please accept my thanks in the form of this awesome giveaway...

If you have an order number for at least one GMK Perestroika base kit, you can win your very own spot in the Prophet Group Buy¹, fully paid for. Easily my favourite 60% board.

Here’s how it works:
- Leave your Perestroika base kit order number below. Note that you can only leave one order number and this will be verified with the vendor.
- The winner will be randomly selected and announced around a week after the GMK Perestroika Group Buy ends (29/02/20).
- The winner will be announced via GH and Reddit.

You can order your GMK Perestroika basekit by visiting this site:

Best of luck!

¹ This will cover a base configuration of your choice including shipping. It will include a minimum of: one top, one base, one PCB, and one plate. Will not include: switches, stabilisers or additional group buy extras.
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