Southwest Partnership Small Neighborhood Grants Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for a small neighborhood grant from the Southwest Partnership!

PLEASE REVIEW the grant application materials available here

The grant deadline is April 1st 2018. Applications submitted AFTER April 1st will not be eligible for funding

If you have any questions about the grant please contact us at or call 667 210 2105

Email address *
Project Summary *
What is the project? Where will it be? What will it do? (250 word max)
Project Plans *
Please upload plans, a drawing, and/or other visual representation of what the completed project will look like. If you cannot upload, email plans to
Project Neighborhood *
Which neighborhood will the project take place in?
Select your level of engagement with the neighborhood association for the neighborhood where the project will take place
Project Address *
Give the best possible address for the project. The location should be clear enough that we can find it on a map.
Is the project location public or private property? *
If privately owned, what is the name and contact information of the property owner?
Planning Organization *
What organization or group is planning the project? If there is no official or unofficial organization a list of community members is fine.
Project Leads *
Each project is required to have at least TWO leads. Please enter their contact information below
Does the organization have an organizational bank account they can use? *
Project Planning *
Describe how the project came to be. Who's idea was it? Who was involved in planning the project? How was the community engaged in planning the project? (500 word max)
Describe how the project will prevent or reduce blight. *
How will it make the community look cared for? How will it reduce the effects of vacant buildings and lots? (500 word max)
Describe how the project will increase the vibrancy of streets and public spaces. *
How does the project make streets and public spaces look cleaner, safer, brighter, and more alive? How will it attract visitors and residents to use public spaces in positive ways? (500 word max)
Describe how the project will improve the quality of life for current residents. *
How does the project make life better for people who currently live in the neighborhood? (500 word max)
Describe how the project increases and encourages community engagement. *
How does the project engage community members? Is it something that many people can be involved in? How does it increase participation in neighborhood and community events? (500 word max)
Why does this project need this funding to happen? *
Are there other grants easily available that could support this project? Have you applied for them? (250 word max)
How does the project advance the goals and vision of the Southwest Partnership? *
Describe how the project will move the neighborhoods closer to the future described in the Southwest Partnership Vision Plan: (500 word max)
Project Timeline
Please describe the timeline of the project below. If you have a Google account you can also upload a timeline. If you don't have a Google account you can copy and paste the timeline below.
Project Timeline
Project Budget
Please include the budget of the project below. If you have a Google account you can also upload a budget. If you don't have a Google account you can copy and paste the budget below. The budget should be of the TOTAL cost of the project if it is more expensive than the funding you a requesting.
Project Budget
Project Challenges
What challenges do you expect when making the project a reality? Will you need permits? Will you need permission from a private property owner? How will you overcome those challenges (500 word max)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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