What if you knew you could change your appearance in a gentle, easy way?

By quantum mechanics it is already known that we are made of energy and therefore we must look with all care for therapies that treat us as a whole and mainly, with the focus on our molecules.

Access® Facelit is an energy-efficient Access Consciousness® Class, that enhances rejuvenation without plastic surgery, injections or cosmetics! It reverses the appearance of aging of the face and can create similar effects throughout the body.

These changes occur from the inside out, by activating specific energy frequencies. Thus, far more than external benefits, Facelift can promote changes throughout the body, depending on the limited points of view that each person have.


The Access Facelift Practitioner access 29 different energy frequencies, using the hands as neurotransmitters and through gentle touches on the face, neck and even in the body, there is an unlocking of stunk energies, usually caused by emotions and stress accumulated throughout a lifetime.
The tool acts on Free Radicals that create wrinkles, sagging, and degeneration of the body and acts directly on limiting beliefs (negative things we believe to be real, but they are not), unlocking memories of aging, diseases, changing your physical appearance! It restructures at the physical level, renews at the cellular level, generating effects on the body and the person's consciousness!


- Reduction of wrinkles, lines of expression and bumps.
- Firmness and toning of the facial and body muscles.
- The texture of the skin of the face more soft, luminous, young and with greater vigor.
- The jaws, eyebrows, neck, breasts and body generally firmer.
- Cleaning of inflamed, irritated and stained areas of the skin of the face.
- Greater energy and vitality in the body.
- Improved vision
- Contributes to the weight loss process
-increased self-esteem
- General wellness and deep relaxation!


You can take a session to experience the whole process. It is recommended at least 10 sessions but the creators of this technique say that after 20 sessions, the result obtained tends to be permanent.
What else is possible to be in a diferent way in 2019, with more beauty, vitality and general well-being of the body?

Everyone is welcome!

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Access Facelift Facilitator: Patricia Stanquevisch

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