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NEW: I the Sky & Me the Sea Singalong Festival Fables Children Fantasy Adventure
Book: Letters to Lizzie (PreOrder Coming Soon)
Book: LiTTscapes - Landscapes of Fiction
Book: Through the Political Glass Ceiling
Book: Finding A Place New Illustrated Second Edition (PreOrder: Coming Soon))
LiTTour - Journey Through the Landscapes of Fiction
LiTTea: Tea and Talks on Dis and Dat
LiTTribute: Tributes to Legacies of Learning, Heritage and Literature
LiTTables: Heritage Themed Table Decor Sets
Heritage Poster: Mother Mary/La Divinia Pastora/Sopari Mai
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NEW I the Sky & Me the Sea Festival Fables Children Fantasy. Request workbooks, colouring books, talks and interactive sessions with author
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LiTTables Heritage Themed Decor Sets: TableCloths, Place Mats, Coasters. Natural Fibre Fabric Taylaylay (Brown Cotton). Available Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue. Inspiredd by LiTTscapes - Landscapes of Fiction motifs form these fabric table covers made of folkloric taylaylay (brown cotton) for use for any occasion. Sure to promote literary lifestyles, provoke stimulating conversations add flair and flavour to ceremonial or daily living. Designs (c)Kris Rampersad. Adjustable fits 30-96 in diametre/round with 8 placemats, 8 coasters and 8 napkins. Various themes in trims of blue, red, yellow. green, orange.Also Ask about LiTTours, LiTTeas, LiTTributes & LiTTscapes
Let Us Prepare Your Legacy Event or Momento: Book, Brochure, Video.
LiTTscapes - Landscapes of Fiction (Book) Available Forms Paperback, Downloadable, E-Reader, Virtual Gallery. Now Available at
Through the Political Glass Ceiling: Race to Prime Ministership by Trinidad and Tobago's First Female (Book) Available Forms Paperback, Downloadable, E-Reader, Virtual Gallery. Get Your Copy. Now available at
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