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IRMLS Activation for Clerical Accounts
ALL Clerical Staff will require their own MLS Login and Password. Unlicensed Clerical Staff will not be charged MLS fees provided they are employed by the Managing Broker to provide services for the office. Offices may not have more clerical accounts than agent accounts. Clerical Staff can also be set up with additional Assume Identity at no charge.
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Additional Assume Identity Agents
Note: Agents must allow access in Paragon before Clerical staff can use Assume Identity. Clerical staff will login with their individual login and password and select Assume Identity on the MLS Home page & then select the Agent(s) who have allowed Assume Identity. Please list any other agents you'd like the admin to be able to assume identity of, this is useful to print brochures/reports with agent name vesus managing broker.
List Additional Assume Identity Agents
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