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Welcome to the Photography Competition website for the 31st Australian Speleology Conference, The Darkness Beneath. Devonport 30th December 2018 - 4th January 2019.
This page describes the competition and how to submit photographs.
Entries open May 1 2018. Entries Close December 1 2018.
Enter your photos!
The Darkness Beneath: Caving Tasmania is the 31st ASF Conference.

The purpose of this competition is to encourage and recognise new and experienced cave photographers. We will accept entries that depict any aspect of caving. In judging we'll be considering artistic, technical and aesthetic qualities.

There are the usual categories and a prize for best overall in the show. A People's Choice award will also be made by popular vote of conference participants.

First-timers for the photo-competition will also be eligible for another set of category prizes, so if you've not entered pictures in a caving conference photo comp before, this is the year to get organised

The Photo Comp is hosted by the organisers for the 31st ASF Conference and co-ordinated by Brian Evans:

Individual photographs will only be accepted in digital formats (.jpg, .tiff). All images should be flattened, and saved at 8 bits/channel with a maximum dimension of 2000 pixels in any direction. If this is a bit deeper than your knowledge of digital photography, just keep the overall upload size for each photo to under 3MB - we're judging on screen, there'll be no apparent difference.

Note, there's no facility for entering hard copy photos.

Any photograph will be eligible so long as it meets the Photograph Submission Agreement (see below) , and the entry payment (AUD2 per photograph) is paid. Payments should be made at registration.

Photo Submission Agreement
For the full legalese, please see this link: .
If you trust me (or don't care that I could steal all rights to your photo, and make a million from it (not my plan!)), then read the summary below and move on...

1. Ownership
You own this photo and have permission from all that recognisable in it, or that helped create it.
You've not already given away permissions to this photo to someone else.
You also take responsibility that some (recognisable) equipment manufacturer won't sue for something.

2. Permission
You give permission that the Photo Comp and Conference Organisers can display your photo at or in association with the conference.
You will retain copyright, and we will refer anyone else that wants to use your photo, to you.

3. Appropriate Content
You acknowledge that the Photo Comp organisers can disqualify any photo that has content regarded as unacceptable for the 31st ASF Conference Photo Competition.

4. Protecting your copyright
You are free to embed metadata or watermarks to protect your rights.
The Photo Comp will take steps to prevent your photograph being copied other than for the purpose of the competition and conference.

The Photo Competition and 31st ASF conference support the artists Bill of Rights:

Competition Categories
A Cavers in Action. Photographs of cavers doing what cavers do. This could be on the surface, or in the deep.
B Bugs, Beasts, Biology. Photographs of cave life of any kind other than humans.
C Caves. Photographs of caves. This can be chambers, passages or formation. A caver may be in the photograph, but is not the main feature of it.
D Dreamed. Fantasy or surreal photographs of caves or caving. Let your imagination run wild with a constructed image inspired by caving. See Garry Smith's entry for the 2017 ICS (below) for an idea.
E Entrances. Photographs of surface features and cave entrances, from outside or inside.
F Fun and Humour. Photographs that depict the amusing aspects of caving. Bring out your irony and make our audience laugh!
All entries will be considered for Best in Show and People's Choice categories. If you have not previously entered a photo in an ASF conference photo competition, you'll also be eligible for First-Timer prizes
Wondering what the "Dreamed" category looks like?
This is a bit rubbery at present.
If you really care, leave off for a few months and come back before you enter.

We will definitely have a popular vote for each category and Best in Show.

We'd like to have a judge or jury as well, but it's a solid commitment for a judge. We have a jury member, but they don't want to do it on their own. Applications for a position on the jury, or as solo judge would be welcomed by email to, but, obviously, you won't be able to enter your photos as well!

All photos receiving awards below will receive a certificate which includes a colour reproduction of the photo. In addition the organising committee is busily sourcing a range of prizes. We can expect them to be good!

Winner. A highly commended MAY be awarded.

Best in Show
Winner and one or more highly commended.

Winners in each category and for best in show. Highly commended certificates MAY also be awarded.

Entry fees
AUD2 per entry. Please pay at registration.
Naming your photographs
Please use this naming convention in naming each photograph for upload. This makes it much easier for the co-ordinator to sort your photos for judging and display, while anonymising them for the popular vote, but keeping you as the entrant for the final displays. Please understand that failing to do this correctly may result in your photograph not being considered.
The upload process
1. Understand and accept the Submission Agreement. We support the Artist's Bill of Rights.
2. Name your file(s) according to the naming convention.
3. Move on to the entry form and complete it for each entry. (There's a link to the upload page on the entry form)
4. Yes, having to complete an entry form for each entry can be a drag :-)
Thanks, I've got this...
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