Basic Service / repair sheet
(please be as detailed as you can)
Your initials AND customer name *
Thoughts for when we see the bike again in 1 year? (and any other comments on how the job went) *
Bike make, model and colour *
Check frame and other core components for wear and damage *
Check that wheels are true and hubs, spokes, rims and tyres for damage *
Align Brakes and check operation and effectiveness *
Lubricate chain and check for wear - note wear ie 0- 0.5% - 0.75% - 1% *
Inspect break pads for wear and damage *
Set gear limits and adjust indexing (please note number of gears) *
Check front chainwheel, rear sprockets/cassette for wear *
Inspect bottom bracket for play and adjustment *
Check alignment and wear of front and rear mech *
Check bearings, crank bolts and pedals for wear and damage *
Inflate tyres to correct pressures (note tyre size - full details from sidewall and rim type) *
Ensure basic bike set up and position is right for rider *
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