Faculty/Staff PointWeb Feedback Survey
Information Technology Services is planning on making changes in the near future to improve navigation and organization within PointWeb.

We are interested in hearing from faculty and staff regarding what they think could be improved. Please keep in mind that we are mostly interested in rearranging items to take fewer clicks to find, adding items that may be currently unavailable, and editing items that are out of date or irrelevant.

Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey below.

For what purpose do you use PointWeb? *
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What do you think you should able to find in PointWeb, but currently cannot locate?
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What areas of PointWeb do you wish were easier to find/navigate to? *
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Did you ever use the search feature in the old PointWeb?
Please skip this question if you never used the old PointWeb (pre 2017)
What would you change about PointWeb and why? *
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Would you make use of "How-to" video or written tutorials if they were added in PointWeb? *
We are interested in creating new, updated, and maintained tutorials for most major functions faculty and staff use in PointWeb.
May we contact you for follow up? If so, please enter your Point Park email below.
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