EULAC FOCUS Horizon 2020 - Survey
Main Objective:

To obtain information about the uses and involvement of scientists of European, Latin American and the Caribbean countries in digital transformation.

Specific objectives:

To observe the ways of communication and collaboration of research teams, information search and access, dissemination and publication of scientific works, financial funding and major trends and changes they have perceived in the last 10 years.

List of some hypotheses or research questions which have guided the construction of the questions of the survey. These questions and additional ones will be contrasted through correlated answers:
• Scientists working in developed countries dispose of high access to both online-digital and offline-analogic information.
• Scientists working in less developed countries use online-digital information as a manner to have better access and option to compete with scientists of developed countries.
• Scientists working alone tend to use traditional media.
• Scientists working in research teams tend to use online media.
• Smaller countries have higher international co-work.

Human ethics:

It is responsibility of EULAC Focus consortium that no harm whatsoever occurs to individuals by virtue of their participation in project activities and data collection processes. In overall terms, the project complies with the following ethical standards for research in social sciences and not involving greater than minimal risks for the subjects:
- The research is designed and applied ensuring transparency and integrity
- The participants in surveys and interviews will be informed about the project objectives, methods and intended use of the collected data.
- The information gathered with the participation of human subjects will be treated confidentially and the anonymity of respondents will be respected.
- The participants will take part voluntarily in the research.

Regular project meetings and other checks by WP leaders and the coordinator shall guarantee the compliance with ethical standards before publicizing any research findings.
Finally, the EULAC Focus project will make an effort to pursue the integrative concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and of Protection of Human Subjects (PHS).

For more information about the project:

For questions and comments, please contact the coordinator Simone Belli:

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