Babalon Rising 2019 Barter Application
******* Must be submitted by June 1, 2019 ******

All barters are based off of the "regular registration rate" of $93. We can offer four levels of work barter -- $65/$45/$25/Full.

To get in for $65, we expect you to work 1-2 shifts of 2-3 hours each, depending on the nature of the work. For the $45 barter rate, you will do 2-3 shifts. For the $25 rate, you will be expected to work up to 4 shifts. (These are the Admin/gopher, Gate, Maintenance/Grounds, and Set-Up/Tear-Down positions.)

"Full barters" are available to those working Security, First Aid, Fire-Tending crews, and Drumming only.

We need to know your arrival and departure dates and times in order to schedule your work shifts. These shifts will not be finalized until just before the festival, and they will be available for you when you arrive. If your availability changes, your entry fee may also change.
We are currently seeking volunteers for the following positions during the festival.

SET-UP/TEAR-DOWN -- (moderate to heavy labor) builds/strikes carport shelters, moves temple furniture, etc
ADMIN -- (light to moderate labor) delivers messages, takes care of presenters, etc.
GATE -- (light labor) registers guests as they arrive, handles money, checks IDs; MUST be available by Thursday afternoon for a training shift
MAINTENANCE -- (light to moderate labor) picks up trash, neatens showers/port-a-johns
FEAST -- (light to moderate labor) prepares and transports food, decorates Feast of Flesh tent, assists in cleaning up after Feast
SECURITY -- (light to moderate labor) patrols grounds regularly, handles all manner of security issues (typically: vehicle violations, unregistered attendees, noise disturbances, substance abuse, minor harrassment; CAN INCLUDE: physical altercations, sexual misconduct, and contact of emergency services)
FIRST AID -- (light to moderate labor) provides basic care (typically: heat exhaustion, sunburn, sprains, minor cuts, ticks, excessive alcohol consumption, dehydration, etc; CAN INCLUDE: triage for major injury/illness and contact of emergency services)
FIRETENDING -- (moderate to heavy labor) pulls/cuts wood for, builds, and maintains safety of bonfire and attendees at fire circle
DRUMMING -- (light labor) must have proven drumming skills and experience and be available for 3-5 hours each night for bonfire drumming
CAMPING TROLLS (light to moderate labor) assists attendees in finding camping spots in an efficient manner
PARKING TROLLS (light to moderate labor) assists attendees in parking efficiently, assists in parking-related security (including light patrols of parking lot and finding vehicle owners as needed)
KITCHEN/CAFE (light to moderate labor) takes orders, makes change, expedites food prep
GNOSTIC MASS -- (light to moderate labor) officiating the Gnostic Mass, building/striking the temple (2 shifts of any type = $25 barter, 1 shift of any type = $45 barter
TRANSPORTATION -- (light to moderate labor) picking up and dropping off special guests from the Indianapolis airport (usually Wed/Thurs pick up and Sun drop off); car must be tidy, smoke-free, and able to accommodate 1-2 guests plus luggage; round-trip = $25 barter, one-way trip = $45 barter (To qualify for this barter, the festival directors MUST know you.)

NOTE: Certain barters require a specific/minimum arrival or departure date/time, due to their nature (eg, set-up and tear-down barters must be on site early on Wednesday and stay until Sunday afternoon).

NOTE: Each Section Head/Organizer will report missed work shifts for barters under their supervision. Please understand that we rely on your efforts for the festival to run smoothly. If you miss a shift or do not fulfill your barter obligations, you will be expected to pay the difference (approx. $25 per missed shift) toward your festival admission. In a worst case scenario (missed shifts plus non-payment), you may be banned from future Babalon Rising events -- which is not something any of us wants.

Filling out this form indicates your interest in being a barter, subject to approval by Staff. Approved barters will receive an email confirmation.

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