Beginning of the year Parent Survey 2017-18
It is the intent of the After School program that your child attend the after school program for at least fifteen (15) hours per week [twelve (12) hours for grades 4-8]. We understand that some parent’s schedules and out-of-school activities will make this time commitment difficult, but it is the basis on which we are funded by the After School Grant. Consistent attendance enables us to staff accordingly, offer a variety of activities based on interests and offers the best opportunity to complete projects. In keeping with the spirit of the intention for a fifteen hour week, we would like to know your expectations and desires for a successful year in ASES. Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey and return to one of our staff or the office. Thank you.
How many days will your child be attending the after school program?
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Will your child be joining any sports/ cheer or drama activities in the after school program? If so, which activities?
If so, which activities?
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Are you looking to improve your child’s grades or skill level in any particular area? If so, which area (s)?
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Is your child interested in crafting and/or art?
Is your child interested in creative writing?
Is your child interested in learning music?
Is your child interested in learning computer coding?
Is your child interested in gardening?
Is your child interested in peer mentoring?
Is your child interested in service-based learning projects that benefit the community?
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