Zig SHOWTIME Call for Art
This is a Call for Art for Zig SHOWTIME.

I'm looking for any type of animated content to place at the end of the show, ideally shorter than 2 minutes.
The subject is up to you, but it's expected to be something related to the culture around Zig.
Of course, memes are art too.

1. There must be an animation, static images are now allowed.
2. Less than 2 minutes long (let's discuss it otherwise).
3. Applying doesn't automatically ensure I'll use your art.

The current animations are implemented as HTML pages that make use of animejs. Here's the repository: https://github.com/kristoff-it/zig-showtime

I will be running your content in an OBS scene, so video is fine too.
Is the art already completed? *
Link to the art or short description if you did not make it yet. *
Title (leave blank if you don't want to title it)
What's your name and how can I contact you? (Discord or email preferred) *
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