Master Class with Christian Frei 奧斯卡紀錄片大師班 - 基斯頓‧費雷
17 February 2019 at Eliot Hall, HKU | 2019年2月17日 香港大學禮儀堂
Application Deadline: Friday 8 February 2019 | 申請截止日期:2019年2月8日(星期五)

*Participants are REQUESTED to attend the five screenings of Christian Frei's works at Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Surname in English (same as ID) 英文姓(與身分證相同) *
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What is your age category? 年齡 *
Are you a permanent resident of Hong Kong? 請問你是否香港永久居民? *
Why would you like to apply for this class? 請分享你參加此紀錄片大師班的原因。 *
Please list 3~5 questions/difficulties you encounter during the doc filmmaking process. 請列出三至五個你在紀錄片創作過程中遇到的問題 *
Do you have filmmaking experience? 請問你有電影製作經驗嗎? *
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