BOENK! Brussels Young Philharmonic - 2021
BOENK! Brussels Young Philharmonic comes back in November 2021, stronger than ever, with an exciting programme around the great composer Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971).
Well-known for his ballet and orchestral works, Stravinsky is a musical cameleon and an emblematic figure of the music from the 20th century.

BOENK! takes up the challenge to tackle some of his most known works with a personal twist. To do so, we called our dear friends from ReMuA/ ShAkE to play with us a new creation crossing music and theater. The music composed by Mathias Coppens will be accompanied by a text written by Margot De Ley and brought to life by actor Filip Jordens. The show will dive the public in the life of Igor with references to some of his most famous pieces.

To conclude this programme with fireworks, BOENK! will also present Stavinsky’s iconic ballet The Rite of Spring in a unique version. This revolutionary piece will serve as an invitation for the younger generation to explore the history of recent music and see how relevant this work still is today.

Dirigent : Rik Ghesquière
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