Theory Self Assessment + Evaluation
πŸ‘‰ Please read what follows carefully. πŸ‘ˆ

This form has 2 functions:
1) Theory Self Assessment: with the purpose of self check the studies of the Playfight Theory.
Please do the Self Assessment only after reading fully the Manual and before taking part to the Facilitator Training.
2) Theory Evaluation with the purpose for me to verify how you integrate the Playfight Theory and to attain the Certification. Please fill the Evaluation only after the Facilitator Training and after few Practices.

β—Ύ Theory Self Assessment (15-20 minutes)
Select the option below and in the next page answer to the questions by typing one of the 3 options only:
- Y (meaning yes) if you know the answer to the question.
- M (maybe) if you are not sure about it.
- N (no) if you don't know the answer.
πŸ‘‰ NOTE πŸ‘ˆ Per each question you need to type manually Y, M, or N, you won't find a multiple choice button.
Once you submit the form you'll receive via email a PDF with the resume of your answers. With this document you can search in the Manual the answers you put M and N and transform your weak spots into strengths!
You can repeat this procedure as many times as you wish, the answers are for you only, and nobody will evaluate them.

β—Ύ Theory Evaluation (2-3 hours)
Once you did the previous step, and you feel that are ready for the Theory Evaluation select "Theory Evaluation" below and answer to the questions. Since explaining in a concise and clear way it’s an important skill for a Facilitator, each answer has maximum 500 characters (around 6-7 lines).
After you submit the Evaluation I'll personally review all your answers and send you an email with my comments.


Language note:
For Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, feel free to use your native language to answer.
For other languages: in case writing in english is very difficult for you, you can answer in your native language and I'll use google translator. This will increase a lot the time needed to correct so use this option mindfully.

Matteo Tangi
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