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Foster Application
*** Fosterhomes must be within 1/2hr of Pittstown, NJ for vetting purposes as well as supplies to be dropped off.
Name *
Address *
Home phone #
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Email: *
What type of home do you live in? *
Do you own or rent your home? *
If renting, please provide Landlord's name & phone #
Do you have a fenced yard (this does not prohibit you from fostering if not)? *
If you have a fence, what type is it?
Do you have children in the home? *
If you have children, please indicate their ages
List all animals in your home (age & breed-incldg cats)
Your Vet's name & phone
How many hours would your foster be alone during a typical day? *
What age of dog(s) are you looking to foster? *
Do you have a preference to foster males vs females? *
What size of dog are you interested in fostering? *
Are any existing dogs in the home spayed/neutered?
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Dogs are in foster-care for a minimum of 2 weeks after transport.  Foster-homes usually foster however long it takes to find a good match for the dog.  Are you able to make this commitment? *
Have you ever fostered a dog in the past? *
If you have fostered before, please indicate which rescue
We cannot guarantee that your foster(s) will be house-trained. Are you equipped to train with love & patience? *
It is important to have ALL your animals up to date on their vaccinations before you foster.  Some of our fosters are (or get) sick and I have had firsthand experience of passing kennel cough to my OWN dogs in the past even though they are current of vaccinations.  So before we move on, please indicate that you agree with these statements before you take on your first foster. *
All of my animals are up to date on their vaccinations *
I agree to keep my foster(s) isolated from my other animals to the best of my ability if instructed to do so by S&L
I agree to let S&L Animal Rescue into my home to check on the foster(s) that I have. *
I will contact S&L with any health concerns I have as soon as possible. *
I will NOT take my foster(s) to my own vet but will contact S&L so that they may pick up my foster(s) to have them vetted. *
I realize that these animals are "adjusting" and it may be a trying experience including potty training, feeding issues, and sleep issues. *
I will feed my foster(s) only what S&L provides me. *
I will take good care of my foster and have patience keeping in mind at all times what these animals have been through. *
I must foster at least 3 times before deciding to keep one of my fosters for adoption.  After that time has elapsed, I am able to adopt not more than 2.  Please keep in mind that the more you adopt, the less likely you will have the time to foster any longer and this halts the process of us rescuing more animals. *
We know that it can sometimes be hard to let a foster go to their new home.  We've all been there.  Unfortunately, there are thousands waiting for your help in line behind them....We do what we can to end their sadness. Thank you so much for opening your home to animals in need. Because of you, more lives will be saved and changed forever. (no answer needed)
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