Evaluating sources (IFLS 012)
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This form is a ten-point assignment; grading is based on the quality and effort put into the answers (see the course book Appendix, section 10.3.1 general grading criteria for minor assignments; probably on p. 127 or 128). For this, you will need to refer to section 2.2.5 on the website (or 3.1.5 in the book). One of the articles reprinted is in the book, section 3.1.5.

Guide to types of sources: http://enwiki.org/w/Academic_versus_non-academic_sources
Class website, IFLS 012, Language majors: http://enwiki.org/w/IFLS_012
Class website, IFLS 012, Foundation: http://enwiki.org/w/IFLS_012_Foundation

You are free to discuss this assignment with classmates, but your responses below should be your own. This is due by the morning of 6:00am before our next class.
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1. Imagine that you are writing a paper in a college class, for example, a paper on health effects of cell phone use. Which of the articles are good enough to use as sources for writing your paper? Why?
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2. Which of these would not be good sources for your paper? Why not?
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3. Look at the Psychology Today article. What kinds of sources does the author cite? Why? How does she use this information in her article?
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4. Look at the sources used in the Psychology Today article (in the end references section). What kinds of sources are these? Would you use and cite these in your own college paper?
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