Winter 2020 Arts Enrichment Program
Arts at YYLC:

In YYLC art class you children will learn modern concepts with traditional processes. Your child will benefit from art class by thinking creatively, practicing decision making, learning responsibility for materials, and thinking independently.

4-6 years old @ 500 Park Street:
Introduction to Visual Art. Children will work on motor skills, holding a pencil or paintbrush, learning how to use materials like paint and oil pastels, creating colorful abstract art without too much stress on subject matter. Artistic expression is encouraged and feeling confident in their abilities to create beautiful pictures. More advanced students can try to explore themes of color theory, subjects like animals or nature, and composition.

6-8 years old @ 2121 & 2017 Central Ave:
Younger children love telling stories with art. In this class they will explore a variety of mediums, while learning the fundamentals of art through vocabulary. The lesson will start with an idea that the children can tell a story from. Students will learn basics of composition, how to create mood with color and narrating a story using pictures. Character design and narrative story telling, comic books and characters from anime or video games can be recreated to spark interest in art.

8+ years old @ 2121 & 2017 Central Ave:
This class teaches children to replicate what they see in the world. The students will study what a 3-dimensional form is versus a 2-dimensional shape. The students will learn one medium at a time, and will spend 2-3 weeks on a project. Subjects include analysis of form in Still Life, Drawing Animals, Landscapes and some Figures and Portraits. Shading, Color Theory and Technique are more emphasized at this level.

Instructor: Ms. Emily
BFA, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco
Emily has been drawing and painting since she was very young and was encouraged to take as many art classes as possible, as well as being able to visit many museums in countries all over the world. She loved drawing people and portraits and decided to go to Art School after trying Biology for one semester during University and discovered her love for capturing likenesses. She taught art at a private after school program in San Jose for seven years before coming to Yu Ying and continuing to teach art, dance and science curriculum.

Instructor: Ms. Yuan
Bachelor of Chinese language and literature. Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Children’s Art Curriculum Design, China
Ms Yuan is an expertise in teaching art, Mandarin and dancing for over 12+ years. She has more than 6 years experience in teaching arts to Pre-K and elementary school students. She has been teaching weekend Arts at YYLC for almost 5 years now. She wants to be an art teacher because she's passionate about colors and wants to share her passion with the children.

Tuition: $200

10 classes, 40-45 minutes per class. From the week of January 6th to the week of March 16th.
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