Wiki Indaba Conference 2019 application form
These questions are for applicants to demonstrate meeting any or several criteria for scholarship and conference participation..
Conference Program
In your view, what possibilities does WikiIndaba have for the Wikimedia movement *
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Please name one or two skills, knowledge, tools, or resources, that you want to be able to bring back home (to your local organization/group/community)
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Describe your work as a Wikimedian and/or as an advocate for open culture, free software movement.
What does your work focus on?
What does your work focus on?
Questions about demonstrated success (Identify WikiIndaba leaders)
If you have faced challenges, what were they and how did you make progress? How long did it take? Did others give you support so that you could make progress or are you working alone?
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Are you currently facing challenges? Please describe them.
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What have you done that others can learn from, and are you willing to mentor someone?
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Please indicate whether you are interested in leading or facilitating activities during the conference
Scholarship application
There is one type of scholarship, covering a total of 60 participants:

Conference attendance information
In order for you to obtain the best conference results, your participation throughout all conference days is crucial. Thursday is arrival day. Find out more about the Conference program on meta:
I will attend the WikiIndaba Conference 2019 on the following days: *
My dietary preference
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If you have a disability or any additional special needs, please let us know here and we will be in touch.
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