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The Resiliency project is open only to Canadian residents, citizens, or landed immigrants and asylum seekers. Canadian citizens living abroad are also eligible to submit. We will accept submissions in French as well as Indigenous or First Nations languages provided an English translation can be provided.

The Selkie is committed to working with marginalised and/or underrepresented voices and will only consider work by/concerned with: individuals identifying as women or non-binary; people of colour; minorities in predominantly white nations; refugees and first-generation immigrants; LGBTQIA+ and two-spirit communities; those living with mental illness, or physical or other disabilities; those persecuted for their political or religious beliefs; victims of violence, or domestic or sexual abuse; and those without access to higher education degrees, living below the poverty line, or who are/have been homeless or incarcerated.
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Rights and Payment
Simultaneous submissions are accepted but previously published material is not considered. For each selected story, we ask for exclusive first world English anthology rights in all print and electronic forms, and in all editions of the book. This means that the The Selkie Publications CIC has the right to publish the story first and in subsequent versions of the anthology, and contributors will retain rights to their stories and are free to submit their stories for reprint twelve months after the publication date. By submitting your work to The Selkie Publications CIC, you agree to these terms.

Art and illustration contracts to be determined upon acceptance.
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