Cloud Audit Logging for GKE On-Prem Alpha
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Introducing Cloud Audit Logging for GKE On-Prem Alpha
Anthos 1.2 includes an alpha feature for sending Kubernetes audit logs to Cloud Audit Logging. This feature allows GKE On-Prem customers to stream Kubernetes admin activity logs to Cloud Audit Logging for long-term, secure retention and aligns GKE On-Prem with GKE. Documentation and limitations for this feature is available here:
All information Google has provided to you regarding this Alpha launch is Google's confidential information and subject to the confidentiality provisions in the Google Cloud Platform License Agreement (or other agreement governing your use of Google Cloud Platform).
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Audit logs are sent to a single GCP project. This project is recommended to be the same as the project the GKE On-Prem cluster is registered to. The project number is a unique number associated with the GCP project. You can find the project number on the main landing page of the GCP Console in the Project Info panel. For example: 879603635939
Cloud Audit Logs Service Account Name *
A GCP service account is needed in order to write logs to Cloud Audit Logs in the GCP project. This service account then needs to be whitelisted for access. A separate service account is recommended. Please enter the full service account e-mail address. Instructions for creating the service account is available in the documentation linked above. You can list multiple service accounts with commas or spaces.
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