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Want to help unf*ck the world? Are you a generally decent human being? Then come on in! We're all about welcoming fellow youth comrades into our community.

Just a few quick things before you fill out this bad boy:
* You need to be 15 - 22 to join (we have other opportunities for younger and older people to get involved - hit us up at if that's you).
* New folks will get an invitation to QuaranTEEN, our virtual youth activist community center. You'll have access to all sorts of good stuff, including events and organizing opportunities.
* After 30 days in QuaranTEEN, you can join The Ravens, our on-the-ground activist program.

Questions about the above (or the below)? Email us at so we can answer 'em.
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QuaranTEEN is a safe, tolerant community, and we wanna keep it that way. Can you commit to treating other QuaranTEENS with the respect and kindness that you can also expect from them? *
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