Utah State Infrastructure Bank Application
Utah Administration Rule R940-3-4 requires, "A public entity must submit a request for an infrastructure loan or infrastructure assistance using an application form provided by the department. The public entity must complete and submit the application according to the application instructions."
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Is the application for a loan or assistance as defined by Subsections 72-2-201(2) & (3)? *
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Proposed Project Benefits
1. Does the proposed transportation project encourage, enhance, or create economic benefits to the state? (If yes, explain) *
2. Will the loan or assistance enable the project to proceed at an earlier date than otherwise possible? (If yes, explain) *
3. Will assistance from the SIB foster innovative public-private partnerships and attract private debt and equity investment? (If yes, explain) *
4. Does the transportation project provide benefit to the state highway system, including safety or mobility improvements? (If yes, explain) *
5. Does the project financing include local and private participation? *
5a. What percentage of the total project costs does the proposed loan amount represent? *
6. Does the project provide intermodal connectivity with public transportation, pedestrian, or non-motorized transportation facilities? (If yes, explain) *
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By entering your name below the applicant understands the statutory requirements outlined in Utah Code 72-2-204, and will comply prior to receiving loan proceeds.
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