FLAME Festival 2020 Music Application

We are stoked that you're interested in helping keep the groove of the night going at FLAME Festival 2020. Please fill out the form below to be considered for the final schedule. All applications are due by December 22nd 2019.

Once submitted, please allow some time for us to go through all the applications. We'll send you an email letting you know if you were accepted before we announce a final schedule on our Facebook Page.

To be clear, FLAME Festival is an event that focuses on the flow arts and is here for the majority of fire spinners! While there may be times where a "dance floor vibe" can be created, be mindful that you are producing tunes to help elevate the flow artist as they spin! A majority of the budget goes into paying instructors and special guest to better develop the flow community, as well as create one of the coolest stages in the SouthEast! Please keep in mind that there is not a "typical budget" for DJ's... although we are always progressing in all departments...DJs be mindful that we are here as GUEST to the flow community! $100 towards your traveling expenses are the only form of compensation outside of your $180 ticket waived and an additional ticket so a +1 can join you on your travels. You can choose to sell this additional ticket if you choose to. The Flow Arts Institute is passionate about making sure everyone is fed 3 times a day so your food is covered as well.

Although we are trying something new and having music during the daytime, we encourage you to participate in the many classes that are hosted at FLAME Festival but once the night falls.... the bass turns up, we light up the pyrotechnics and turn on lights to brighten our state-of-the-art stages brought to you by Morpheus "Maurice"! My name is Bowman and I am the event coordinator for a group called "Party Liberation Front" and in the past I have brought many of our fire sculptures, poofers and custom subwoofers. So you can expect to be playing on a state-of-the-art-stage with next level sound to some of the best performers in the WORLD!

So SUPER excited that you are as amped as I am ! Please answer all the questions to the best of your advantage and I am looking forward to listening to all of your DJ mixes and productions! I'll be sure to like and share from our Soundcloud page!

Please acknowledge that you have read everything by typing " Meow " in the password comment below!
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