3900$ AIRDROP STREAMITY: 12.10-25.20
Innovative farming Streamity is a completely new program where the user does not send LP tokens to a smart contract, but keeps them in his wallet and receives a reward. To participate in this aidrop, you need to replenish liquidity here: https://app.apeswap.finance/add/0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56/0x90DF11a8ccE420675e73922419e3f4f3Fe13CCCb

Just keep your LP token in your wallet and start receiving rewards right away. Everything is very simple. If you invite any user to farm, you start to receive up to 7% of all his rewards and so on up to 20 levels down. Just invite people to this project and become even richer.


We are pleased to announce the launch of 1 Aidrop program. There will be several such programs in total. We will give away the STM token and the BUSD token in a 50/50 ratio and we will also donate (or upgrade) 3 PRO packages that provide a number of opportunities. If you already have a PRO package, then your reward will move 3 lines down (up to monetary reward). Below we have prepared a table of reward distributions:

1️⃣ - PRO package = 1000$
2️⃣ - PRO package = 1000$
3️⃣ - PRO package = 1000$
4️⃣ - 300$
5️⃣ - 150$
6️⃣-8️⃣ - 50$
9️⃣-2️⃣4️⃣ - 20$


Accounts will be excluded if:
1) Less than 80% of tasks completed
2) The account has a minimum of subscribers, or is inactive / fake (no likes, no reposts, no comments in the posts of the account)

Any additional activity in social networks will affect the selection to rating:
1) any additional tweets, posts, videos about the project
2) any additional activity from other social networks, for example VK, Reddit or Bitcointalk

Good luck!

Rewards will be paid on October 26th. Up to this point, actively complete all tasks. The main tasks are below, just complete them and then we will check in the table (Just copy and paste) – In the answer field, provide a link to the completed task:
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You need to send a pair of BUSD-STM for farming at least $100 in total ($50 = BUSD, $50 = STM). At the end, we will check your wallets to make sure all members are farming tokens for the entire duration of the airdrop. *
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Subscribe to: https://www.instagram.com/stm.group_official (only for RU community)
Subscribe to: https://vk.com/streamity (only for RU community)
Join the telegram chat for the RU community: https://t.me/buy_stm
Join the telegram chat for the EN community: https://t.me/stm_international
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