ARCHIVE 2 - Tangled Boughs - Application for Recruitment
Welcome to the Application form for the Tangled Boughs!

Please give yourself ample time to complete this application, and please answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability! Doing so allows us to get a better idea of whether or not your character would be a good fit for our organization!

Any questions can be directed in-game to Milloux Allard, Etienne Clairemont, or Jaaster Taras

More information about the Free Company can be found at:
Email *
Character Name: *
In-game Name: *
Discord Handle:
Discord is required for members of the Tangled Boughs! It is used as our primary means of communication, RP coordination, news, and socializing as a group OOCly. We will never require you to use Voice-chat or even be especially active, it is simply so we can easily share information with members of our community.
( While not required, we want to ensure we refer to you in the manner you feel most comfortable!)
When are you usually available? How often are you available? *
We are primarily a US-centric FC (with a high concentration of members in the EST timezone,) though our membership is scattered! Most events happen around or after 8pm EST, and we are most active in the evenings / weekends. Please note that while we do not have strict activity requirements or checks, we do ask that members participate to the best of their ability!
Are you over the age of 21? *
The Tangled Boughs are a strictly 21+ Free Company. This is due to mature themes and subject matter (darker rp themes, etc.) In-Character, and a desire to socialize with other adults in an OOC capacity. Those found to be lying about their age will be removed from the FC immediately, no exceptions.
Are you applying as a Member or an Associate? *
We understand that not everyone wants, or is able, to leave their current Free Company -- or server! We love gaining new folks to RP and collaborate with, but joining the Boughs as a dedicated associate or 'Vine' is equally welcome!
Have you been a member of the Tangled Boughs (or the Ashen Enclave) in the past? *
With few exceptions, previous membership is not a disqualifier to re-admittance to the Free Company as a member or volunteer! we understand that circumstances, interests, and availability can shift and change and we are happy to welcome people home! That said, we do ask that all potential members answer this truthfully; those found to be lying will be removed from the FC immediately, no exceptions.
If yes, what brings you back? What character name did you belong under? (Skip if 'No')
How long have you been playing FFXIV? Have you been part of any other MMO (or online) RP communities in the past? Which ones? *
What Free Companies have you previously belonged to? (If any?) Why did you leave? (if applying for membership) *
Were you referred by a current member / friend of the FC? (If so, who?) And if not, how did you hear about us? *
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