Hope and Social's Secret Santa 2018
All through the week beginning the 10th December 2018 we will be making and delivering gifts from our temporary Christmas Workshop at Theatre in the Mill in Bradford. Thing is... we need some present ideas! We want you to use your imagination and be wild but we do have some suggestions to help get your Christmas juices running freely.

Put your Christmas jumper on and take note of the following things.

- We will have a limit on the number of gifts we can give due to time and budget so we will have to pass some gift requests onto regular Santa. Please do not be disappointed if we can't create and deliver your gift!

- Gifts can be to anyone (individuals or groups or even inanimate objects like buildings!) but if it is a gift to be given in person then the recipient being close to Bradford will deffo make it easier. More distant gifts may be have to be virtual! For example we can come and sing Christmas carols at your school if it's local but if it's further away we may have to send you a video.

- Gifts can be ANYTHING but will be primarily things we can make or do! A request for a new XBox so young George can play Fortnite will almost certainly be beyond us. A request for young George to play real life Fortnite as created by Hope and Social is much more likely. And ridiculous.

- We've included some gift ideas to help you out below. If you have your own unique gift idea please chose "OTHER" from the list and then tell us all about it in the answer field straight after that. We are totally open to being surprised and delighted!

- If you find yourself overflowing with spirit of Chirstmas please feel free to submit more than one gift idea.

NB. This form is collecting email addresses. These will only be used to contact you regarding your gift request and will not be used for any marketing or sales. If Santa wouldn't do it WE WON'T DO IT.

If you have any problems or questions please email contact@hopeandsocial.com with SECRET SANTA STOLE MY [insert object] in the subject line.

What gift would you like Hope and Social to give? *
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Some gifts will require us to liaise with someone at the recipient end! For instance going into a place of work, school, hospital or secure military facility. Please give us email and/or phone details for someone we can contact without spoiling the surprise.
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