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Thankyou for your interest in my 1:1 bespoke 12 week coaching

I only take a limited number of applicants to ensure I provide the best VIP service that is specifically tailored to your goals and needs. This 3 month mentorship is designed to coach you how to create and sustain the level of fitness and wellness you love through education, mindset and specialised workouts. This comprehensive program is NOT a bootcamp or quick fix 12 week weightloss program. It is about learning how to physically and mentally cherish your body for a lifetime of benefits regardless of your age, level of fitness, postpartum recovery or trimester of pregnancy.

This application form is to give me some insights about you and see if my program and style of coaching is suitable for you...

It probably IS if :

> You are confused about what exercise and nutrition is suitable if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, have a niggling condition or injury, are returning to exercise after a long hiatus or simply trying navigate exercise and wellness during the long runway of motherhood or life !
> You are tired of wasting time and money of fad diets, depleting exercise programs and products that give unsustainable results
> You are desiring to align your fitness and wellness solutions into something that no longer overwhelms you but is sustainable and life changing
> You are purpose-driven individual ready to make a leap in your current level of success
> You are ready to have clarity, build consistency and workout contently
> You are keen to learn, get a bit uncomfortable and change your life (not just your body)
> Somewhere, deep inside, you know there's another way and you are ready to find another way. A way that is sustainable, safe and effective.

If you agree to any of the above, this awareness means you're ready  — now, it's time to follow it.

My purpose is to support you every step of the way.

Please fill in the form below if you are ready for a NEW WAY

For more nearly two decades, I've helped thousands of women of all ages, all over the world over to achieve this.

If this sounds like you answer the questions below
All responses will be kept private.

Once your application form is received and reviewed, I will be in touch

xx Dahlas
Founder BodyFabulous Fitness
Mama of 3

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This comprehensive bespoke coaching investment starting at $2000 for 12 weeks (with optional payment plan / Australian dollars), personally tailored for you, your lifestyle and your needs. 6 month option is also available which includes lifetime access to my signature programs plus tailored coaching for you.    Are you ready to invest financially and mentally ? *
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