Survey: Credit, Loans, and Financing for Professional Service Firms
Take this survey to find out how you stack up against your peers when it comes to readiness to obtain a loan or other form of credit for your business. We'll email you the full results including an analysis of how your business compares to more than 100 other businesses.

The maximum score is 30 points:
• 25-30 points: You should easily be able to obtain a loan from traditional or alternative lenders.
• 18-24 points: You might struggle to get a loan from a traditional source (bank) but should have a number of options to obtain credit with alternative lenders.
• 11-17 points: A bank loan is probably off the table but you might have a shot at credit from an alternative lender.
• less than 15 points: You shouldn't expect to obtain credit from either a traditional or alternative lender. You'll have to look for other financing options (e.g. self funding, friends and family, equity investment).
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Are you a US citizen or green card holder? *
3 points
Do you have at least one business checking account? *
The bank statement will show the name of your business instead of or in addition to your name.
3 points
What’s your personal credit score? *
5 points
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What’s your business credit score? *
Unless you’ve taken specific action to build business credit your business probably won’t have a credit score, in which case you should answer "N/A". Since there are numerous agencies that track business credit score that use different scoring scales, the options here are generic: "Low", "Average", or "High".
3 points
How many years have you been in business? *
3 points
Was your annual revenue in each of the last two years greater or less than $500k? *
Use calendar years or trailing 12 months.
3 points
What’s your average monthly revenue for the past 6 months? *
3 points
Can you provide two or more years of financial statements? (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet) *
3 points
Do you have collateral (equipment, inventory or real estate) you can use to secure the loan that is equal to at least 120% of the amount of the loan your seeking? *
4 points
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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