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Hello and welcome ! With experience of over 1500 events since 2004 we want to help you put on the best event for your participants.

We strongly believe that digital download galleries serve the best interests of an event, the participants, charities and sponsors, and we aim to make that as easy as possible, supporting you in delivering the best event you can.

We currently have over 25 Million fully catalogued and searchable images on our gallery, and by far the most popular and remembered events are those where the participants can download all their photos for free.
Over the past decade we have seen a shift in digital media and participant experience surveys which now puts event photography clearly in the "expected" list of event deliverables.

Because event photos are the most successful way to remember achievements, events which are remembered have sponsors that stay with them, and participants that return to them year on year. Being reminded of achievements and being shared online also drives word-of-mouth recommendations to new entrants as well.

To help you as efficiently as possible - Please can you fill in as much of this form as possible. This will help us work out and recommend the best and most suitable package for your event and make it a great success: entered and remembered for decades to come !

We will go through some general event overview questions and some more detailed information so that we can make sure we include suitable elements in our proposal for you. Please complete as much as possible because every answer helps us to design our service especially for you - Make your event remembered today !

many thanks
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