Book Suggestions
Is there a book or other item you would like to see in the Terryville Library collection? Please give your suggestion below.

The selection of books and other library resources, whether acquired by purchase or gift, will be
based on the following criteria:

1. The appropriateness of the resource in relation to the interests and needs of the library
users and of the community as a whole.
2. The value of the resource for educational, informational, cultural, and recreational
3. The timeliness of the information.
4. The contribution of the resource toward strengthening the existing collection by
expanding its scope.
5. The accuracy, authoritativeness, and competence of the presentation.
6. Requests from individuals to which the above criteria can be applied.
7. The permanent value of the resource based on literary or scholarly excellence and other
inherent qualities, considered without regard to demand.
8. Budgetary limitations.

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