This is the first time we have been able to be part of this high school event for orchestras, so it is a huge privilege to be part of it. It is the only out-of-school event for orchestra. It involves TWO evenings - and as well as that, we get visits from two CSO members prior to input to our rehearsal on Sept 15!

Sept 19th AND 20th

Tuesday 19 Sept 6.15pm-8.25pm (15 minute performance plus workshop)
Wednesday 20 Sept 7.30pm Gala Concert (perform one piece - all orchestras perform one piece each)

For those in the jazz band, we will organise food between Junior Jazz Jam and the Orchestra Gala Concert

Tuesday 19th Sept schedule at St Margaret's Charles School
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Orchestra Festival
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Tuesday Sept 19th 6.15pm - 8.25 performance and workshop
Wednesday Sept 20th 7.30pm Gala Concert
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