Fresh Out of Tokens listener survey
We've been doing this a whole year! So we want to know how we can serve you all better in the next year to come. Please answer questions below!
How did you learn about our podcast?
Do you like the weekly format?
We try to keep episodes to an hour, hour and a half tops. Is that ok for you?
With the exception of a couple special episodes, we try to stay in that range
We try to have a good mix of guests, and want to know who else you want to hear from on the show
This is not about being on the show, it's about possible future guests
Your answer
Are there any topics you'd like us to cover more? Less?
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Do you want to hear from just us once in a while? IE Episodes with no guest?
What's your favorite episode so far?
Please give episode #, guest and why
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We're still new at this, so please give your feedback on how we can improve
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