Feedback form on Subtitling at ECSPM symposium 2022
Thank you for helping us in improving speech recognition and speech translation technology.
We would be grateful for your feedback on our activities, even if you have not really tested the system during the online ECSPM symposium.
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What is your mother tongue?
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How many languages were you watching at the same time?
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General preferences
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Which type of automated translation is more important for you in general?
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Which form of speech translation would seem more practical for you?
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Speed/precision trade-off
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Questions on transcription and translation quality and usability
Please comment on the experience today.
Most annoying English errors
If you had a chance to follow English transcription for a little while, what were the most annoying errors?
Most annoying errors in translation into the languages you followed.
If you had a chance to follow translation in your mother tongue for a little while, what were the most annoying errors?
Given your English skills what type of assistance would be most useful for you?
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If the main meeting was not held in English but a language you do not speak, what type of assistance would be most useful?
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Any other benefits that transcription or translation could provide to you?
Critical conditions needed for this to be useful
Please write as many ideas as you can: what has to be met so that live translation and translation is useful in practice for you or in general? (In what circumstances such as language knowledge, presence/connection setup, topics discussed etc. and under what technological conditions such as quality and timeliness of output, space for outputs, etc.)
Final comments
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