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Bounce has a new programming structure that we wanted to share with you.

The Incubator
Our incubator program provides affordable office space coupled with an assigned Entrepreneur-in-Residence who essentially becomes an extension of your management team, helping you with strategic planning, fundraising, milestone setting, and much more. In addition, you’ll be fully immersed in our collaborative environment and will be able to take advantage of other free resources such as HR consulting services, regular seminars, and networking events.

The Accelerator (The Bit Factory)
We’ve taken feedback from the community and our current clients and restructured our Bit Factory accelerator. We now have two different tracks for software startups that will be run in 4-month cohort sessions. Both tracks provide free coworking space in our Bit Factory area on the 5th floor (which we are currently expanding!).

(1) Product Development Accelerator
This track is focused on early-stage software companies that are building their minimum viable products (MVPs). Launching in January 2019, this program will accept software companies that have validated their market and have the technical ability or resources to build their product. There will be opportunities for investment for these companies during the program.

(2) Sales & Marketing Accelerator
This track focuses on companies that are in the growth stage and are working to increase sales and develop a repeatable, scalable sales process. Typically, these companies are slightly further along and have some funding available to execute a new sales plan. In addition, there will be investment dollars available for these companies.

The Generator
Not necessarily a formal program, The Generator is our new first-floor open coworking, event, and collaborative space that will be opening in early 2019. If you’re not ready for a formal office space, residency in the coworking space may be a great option for you! There will be a public café and coffee house and regular programming happening on this floor.

All of our programs and offerings immerse Bounce members in our collaborative community and our network of resources. Keep in mind, you may be applicable to more than one program and that’s completely acceptable.

We look forward to meeting you!

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