Honolulu Virtual Tip Jar
Due to the spread of COVID-19 on O'ahu, every person living in Honolulu will be financially affected by the government mandated closure of restaurants going into effect on Friday, March 20th. Those most affected will be the servers, bartenders, hosts, chefs and small business owners that live paycheck to paycheck and count on your tips to pay bills, support their families, and to simply live.

While some businesses will be able to remain open for take out/delivery/drive thru/curb side, many will not. Even if restaurants are able to comply with the approved measures, most of their employees will be laid off without paid leave until business can return to “normal."

In response to watching restaurants lay off mass amounts of employees across Honolulu, we have decided to band together as a community to support one another. Following the lead of cities around the country, we created a virtual way to tip and support individuals in the restaurant industry. On our web page/ spreadsheet you will find a growing list of Honolulu restaurant professionals (bartenders, servers, hosts, chefs etc.) from your local restaurants who have either currently been laid off due to recent closures or who have had their income dramatically reduced due to COVID-19 and are in need of financial help.

So, while you have dinner and drinks at home, please consider showing some love to the people in the industry that have always gone above and beyond for you. Your support today will help us all make it by until it is safe to welcome you back into our establishments again.

Please share with fellow restaurant workers, business owners & our Hawaii community.

If you would like to be added to the list of restaurant workers needing assistance all you need to do is fill out the following form.

Spread aloha- and if you can, spread some donations to those in need!

*Note all provided information will be publicly viewed

Honolulu’s Restaurant Industry Workers

To see the list, go to: http://bit.ly/HonoluluTipJar

Additional resources:

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund: https://ofwemergencyfund.org/

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID19 Crisis Relief Fund: https://www.restaurantworkerscf.org/news/2020/3/15/restaurant-workers-community-foundation-announces-the-formation-of-restaurant-workers-covid19-crisis-relief-fund

USBG National Charity Foundation: https://www.usbgfoundation.org/beap-application

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