FRWFL Race Incentives Application
FRWFL wants to encourage all members to participate in designated club races/events.

1. Applicants must be paid members and have been so for 3 months prior to applying for an Incentive Grant. This applies to all members of relay teams.
2. For 2021 each member may be eligible for a total of $150 in grants depending on the availability of funds.
3. For each race a member may receive a 50% grant of the early-bird registration fee.
4. Race Incentives are granted regardless of a member’s financial need.
5. Member’s should visit our Members-Only Site, complete the Race Incentive Application. Note that for relay teams only the team captain (payer of registration fee) needs to apply.
6. It is suggested that members apply for Incentive funds before registering for a race, although this is not
    necessary. It is however required that members apply for funds for a race before the race has occurred. If
    approved, the member has until two weeks following the date of the race to submit the receipt.
7. Decisions will be made within seven days of submission. If approved, the member must register and pay for
    the full fee. It is also recommended that members make use of the FRWFL discount code when registering.
8. After paying for the race, member’s should return to the Members-Only Site within two weeks to provide proof
    of payment using the Proof of Payment Form. Reimbursement will be sent within 7 days.
9. Currently the Race Incentive Committee is composed of the Vice-President, Treasurer & Triathlon Coordinator.
     The decisions of the Race Incentive Committee are final.
**Although not a requirement, it is strongly encouraged that Race Incentive recipients wear their FRWFL Club Shirts at the race and take and post photographs in their club shirts on social media. Thanks.
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