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The Revolving Museum’s

Flight is a powerful metaphor for freedom, escaping struggles and reaching your goals. The Revolving Museum will collaborate with over 1000 local artists, youth and community volunteers to create a 50 foot long public art-paper airplane that would become a Guinness World Record. Through an innovative educational program, students will create ideas, engineering plans, artworks, writings and the collection of paper to build the giant paper airplane. Each student will be guided to develop his or her own talents within the “team”, and will be encouraged to express his or her own creative vision and individual identity. As a result of participating, students will gain the ability to analyze their own strengths, weaknesses, set personal and academic goals, and have the confidence, motivation, and abilities to carry them out.
Public art involves people like few other art forms. Whether passively (as part of the landscape like an outdoor sculpture) or actively (inviting direct participation from the public in interactive installations), public art becomes a part of people's lives. This integration, either subtle or bold, is what transforms ideas, beliefs, and emotions. Public art created through collaboration is an extremely powerful experience. The direct involvement of numbers of artists, youth and community members focuses and intensifies the transformational experience for those individuals. Collaborative public art also expands the direct relevance of the project beyond the community where it is located to intimately affect increased numbers of friends, family, neighbors, and community members.

The Cost is $20 per student

Mondays 3:15-4:30 from September 11- October 23rd

Sample plane!!!
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