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YCore is excited to offer Deep Dives—a 6-week exploration of a particular topic. For our first round, we have two areas to choose from: International Development and Impact Investing (descriptions below). This session runs October 3 - Nov 18th.

What does a Deep Dive entail? Each week, you and your group will get together to learn more about your topic area. This is a group learning experience, so while your facilitators are there to help, you will also get to learn more about, and lead a discussion on, a topic during the duration of the course.

This is a commitment of of 2 hours of group time on weeknights, with ~1-2 hours of individual reading/prep work outside of group time, depending on the week. We ask for a $150/person donation to YCore to support program costs; feel free to fundraise it or use matching!

International Development (Tuesdays):
Are you interested in international development? Do you want to know how to measure and compare social impact in developing countries? Join us for deep discussions about international social impact, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, business, voluntarism, and more. Each week, we'll have conversations centered around impact verticals like health, education, and high-tech. After this program, you'll walk away with a better understanding of how you can navigate and contribute to international social impact.

Impact Investing (Wednesdays):
How many of you have heard of the term impact investing, but don't necessarily know what that entails? You're not alone. Impact investing is idea that along with financial returns, there are other key performance indicators such as the social and environmental impact of an investment. In reality, it is a collaborative investment style, that includes a variety of stakeholders, partnerships, and diverse returns. Most institutions in this vertical today are leveraging the power of philanthropy, the government, and the private sector to create impact investing vehicles looking to solve the contemporary challenges we face. Join us for an in depth discussion on this ever expanding subject matter, and leave feeling more confident and knowledgeable on the changing landscape of impact investing.

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