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Fall & Winter Select Teams and In House Leagu Registration
Thank you for your interest in Ballard Basketball! And thank you for your patience as we put together all the pieces of our program and schedule.

This time in between seasons gives us space to reflect, recalibrate and reestablish the Ballard Basketball program. Through the pandemic we have been honored to welcome so many new athletes. As we enter the Fall/Winter season, we remind you of a few approaches that make Ballard Basketball work and stay a special place:

A Space for Everyone - A Community of Teams - A Place to Grow

Fall In house leagues (Sept 20-Nov.13)- Our Fall In House Leagues (3rd/4th boys, 3rd/4th girls, 5th/6th boy, 5th/6th girls, 7th-9th boys, 7th-9th girls) are an opportunity to keep your skills sharp and get game experience. This non-tryout league is ideal for: a) players who play other select sports, b) players who don't make a select team, c) players who want to develop their skills with positive, professional coaches.

For more info and to register, please visit:

------Read on if you are interested in Girls Select Teams-----

Girls Select Team Information - If you are selected for one of our Select Teams after tryouts (see below for details), you will be making a strong commitment to attend practices, trainings and games from September through the beginning of March. Your teammates depend on your full participation which means that you will be expected to attend the once a week 2 hour Team Practice, as well as at least one additional training a week. Additional trainings will be offered at multiple days and times and players can attend unlimited training sessions per week. Select players should plan on attending at least 90% of games on F/Sat/Sun every second or third weekend or 27-35 games. You are allowed to play for your school, CYO, Feeder, Rec team or another sport but if you are on one of our select teams then it will have to be secondary. For the 6 months (2 months for High School teams), players will receive a MINIMUM of 115 hours of court time plus team socials, game film study and a player evaluation program. Team fees will be $2300/player/season ($750/high school player) payable in monthly installments via Team Snap or offline. Financial Aid is available for anyone needing assistance. Please read more about Select Teams at

Girls Select Team Tryouts- Ballard Basketball staff will evaluate players skill, decision-making and mindset looking for the best fit for each player. We would highly encourage you to attend both tryout dates. If you cannot attend either or both, please email Sara at


5th Grade Girls: Tuesday, Sept 7 from 6-7pm at Emmanuel and Thursday, Sept 9 from 6:30-8pm at Ballard Boys and Girls Club

6th Grade Girls: Wednesday, Sept 8 and Thursday, Sept 9 from 6:30-8pm at Ballard Boys and Girls Club

7th Grade Girls: Tuesday, Sept 7 from 7-8pm and Wednesday, Sept 8 from 6-7pm at Emmanuel

8th Grade Girls: Tuesday, Sept 7 from 8-9pm and Wednesday, Sept 8 from 7-8pm at Emmanuel

High School Girls: Wednesday, Sept 8th from 8-9pm at Emmanuel and Friday, Sept 10 from 6:30-8pm at Ballard Boys and Girls Club.

We will not have boys select teams this season.

No spectators at tryouts. Masks and health check required.

Please come to both days of tryouts. If you cannot attend tryouts, please contact Sara at ballardbasketballinfo@gmail.comBallard

Basketball staff will evaluate players skill, decision-making and mindset looking for the best fit for each player. For older teams, we will take into account position.

Emmanuel Church: 501 N 50th St. Entrance on 49th between Dayton and Evanston.
Ballard Boys and Girls Club: 1767 NW 64th St, Enter through back parking lot by baseball field

To register for select team tryouts, please fill out the survey below.

Keep hoopin'!🏀🏀🏀

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If you are trying out for a Select Team, we are planning on holding one 2 hour team practice each week which would be mandatory for participation on the team. Which days/times could you NOT participate and why? Ex-"Our school's Fall sports practices end every day at 5:30pm, so we could make any day after 6pm." If you do not know, yet, please explain the situation.
We'd love your feedback, in general : What is working well? What could be better/different? (Please include little or big things (gyms, practice times, coaches, tournaments, fees, communication, etc.). All this feedback gets analyzed so we can make corrections for next season. Thank you!)
WAIVER: Participating in any sport requires an acceptance of risk of injury. Ballard Basketball has taken reasonable precautions to minimize the risk of significant injury by providing competent coaching, well maintained facilities and proper conditioning. The chances of an athlete sustaining a catastrophic sports injury are extremely remote, yet understand that serious injuries can happen to anyone. With this understanding, the undersigned does hereby waive and release Ballard Basketball, coaches and staff from all liability that may occur while trying out or participating in our basketball program.I/We give my/our consent and approval to the participation of our child in Ballard Basketball programs. I/We submit that my/our child is physically fit. I/We hereby discharge, waive, and release the Ballard Basketball, its coaches, staff, and sponsors, from all liabilities. I/We also release all practice and game sites, including its employees and agents, person transporting my/our child to or from practices, games, or activities, from all liability or claims in case of accident, injury or death. I/We carry personal medical insurance for my/our child in case of accident, injury or illness. *
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