Ballot for the Ratification of ByLaws Amended on November 25, 2019, Executive Committee Appointments, and Voting Representatives to the Democratic Party Committee Abroad
The Executive Committee has approved significant reforms to its Bylaws to align them with guidelines from the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) and to strengthen the organization. Consequently, the Bylaws are now submitted to the general membership for ratification.

Notable changes include:
1) Introduction of measures for personal data protection.
2) Greater articulation of duties and responsibilities for Officers and Members-at-Large, as well as guidelines for their nomination and election.
3) Introduction of DPCA Voting Representatives and Gender Balance rules.
4) New organizational structure with an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors.
5) Articulation of Chapter formation, dissolution and requirements.

Please view the amended Bylaws here:

You may consult the current Bylaws here

Please vote by filling this ballot and submitting the form. Please use the email associated with your Democrats Abroad account (the email where you received this notice) to submit your ballot.
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Do you ratify the appointment of Bea Zarur as Secretary?
Do you ratify the appointment of William Prescott as Treasurer?
Do you ratify to appointment of Gil Anav as Counsel?
Do you ratify the appointment of Carmiel Arbit as Member at Large?
Do you ratify the appointment of Gary Sandblom as Voting Representative?
Do you ratify the appointment of Linnett Stewart as Voting Representative?
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